About the Artist

Lisa Battle,   COLUMBIA, MD

I make hand-built ceramic sculptures. My work explores organic form, line and an undulating movement that is reminiscent of the sensual curvilinear grace of natural objects and landscapes. I fire in a Noborigama wood kiln or salt/soda fire my work to create a depth of surface texture that is inherently integrated with the form.

I am inspired by the patterns created by the forces of nature, found in walks along the seashore observing shifting sand patterns created by winds and receding waves; in my travels through the American southwest among desert cliffs, canyons and formations of weathered rock eroded by wind and water; and in the shapes of plants and the human body. In my exploration of form, I pare down these natural shapes to their essence, accentuating smooth clean lines to achieve simplicity and elegance. Sometimes I feel that I am capturing a gesture or a close-up, intimate view of something larger. The resulting forms evoke aspects of the natural world without specifically representing them, leading to a sense of ambiguity that I find is central to human experience. I hope to evoke an aesthetic emotion that leads to some subconscious understanding of a universal truth.

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