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Elaine Weiner-Reed,   Severn, MD

"Each person is a book or medley of memories. Every story is as unique as its players and scenarios choreographed in time." - EWR In the Artist’s own words… “My art focuses on unraveling the complexity and mystery of human emotion, behavior, and relationships, featuring the individual within or outside of a group dynamic. Layers of color, shape, texture, and line palpitate with energy to convey a mood: intimacy, loneliness, alienation, joy, solidarity, sensuality, conflict, harmony, or mystery. Depending on the story, I zoom in on an individual, defining their character in layers, or I depict them only as silhouettes or after-thoughts. Are they center stage or out of focus? Do they wear a mask…? Each painting is wrenched from personal experience, influenced by dreams, and infused with thought and emotion.”

Biography Elaine Weiner-Reed is an award-winning and published Artist living and working in Maryland. Juried into international shows in China, India, Hong Kong, Canada, Spain, Poland, France, and at least 25 national and international exhibitions throughout the U.S., she was featured artist in three international shows in New York City. Her work is in public and private collections in Poland, France, Spain, Africa, and the U.S., and her painting “Primal Scream” was acquired by and is in the permanent collection of the Metropolitan Gallery/Art Museum, Las Vegas. Elaine Weiner-Reed’s creative independent streak was hard-wired into her from birth and her path as an Artist was irreversible and undeniable. Born a twin, she strove to resist predetermined rules and boundaries to distinguish herself and create her own identity. Weiner-Reed’s innate curiosity and search for identity and originality sharpened her mind, and forged an intuitive, free soul that fiercely guards and nourishes her art. She uses line, color, shape, and composition to create iconic or allegorical reflections of human relationship complexities, dimensions, and inter-dependencies to resurrect feelings of transcendence, mystery, and hope. She works on several paintings in a series simultaneously – both for practical and philosophical reasons. This process enables her to explore multiple creative threads, even as it allows her paintings to mature, cure, or dry. Weiner-Reed believes that each artwork opens a dialogue. Each painting tells its own story. She wonders: “If my paintings were songs or music, how would they sound to you? What do you feel is their story…?”

Scholarships/Residencies ● International Artist Residency, Myslenice, Poland (July 2014): Selectee/Participant in the Poland Ministry of Culture and European Union-sponsored and funded Warsztaty Artystyczne (WMA, 17th Annual) – Towarzystwo. By-name invitation; one of five American artists in first American group ever invited. [Standing invitation 2015-2016] ● January 2014-2016: Claremont, California: Katherine Chang Liu (Independent Master Workshop) ● July 2008-2012: Pemaquid, Maine Residency: William “Skip” Lawrence (Master Painter) Collections/Representation ● Museum/Opera Collection, AIAIP (Associazione Internazional Arte Plastiche Italia), Torento, Italy: “Mirror’s Edge” (painting) ● Metropolitan Gallery Las Vegas/Art Museum, MGLV (formerly Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art, SNMFA), Permanent Collection (Gallery 10): “Primal Scream” (painting) ● Myslenice, Poland – River Park and Esplanade, Permanent Collection: “Unconditional Love” (sculpture) ● Myslenice, Poland – Private collections (four paintings)

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