Home Page:

  1. Belgin Yucelen, Man and the Bird, bronze, Off the Wall 2016.
  2. Richard Kenneth Begbe, Homage to Piet, photography. Art on Paper 2014.
  3. Aaron Treher, Tree Bulb, light bulbs, wire, and socket. Small Wonders 2013.
In page:

Robin Street-Morris, Los Penasquitos Canyon VI, watercolor and soft pastel. American Landscapes 2015.

Exhibitions Page:

  1. Belgin Yucelen, Man and the Bird, bronze, Off the Wall 2016.
  2. Elizabeth Eby, Dance me, mixed. Eye of the Beholder 2015.

Call for Artists Page:

  1. John Lyons, Feet in the Clouds, photography. Focal Point 2016.
  2. Cathy Leaycraft, Silos Afloat, glass sphere photography. American Landscapes 2015.
  3. Kevin Davis, Drifting (Rowboat), photography. Water Works 2015.
In page:

Warren C. Chambers, Cut Lead (after Stella), lead. Small Wonders 2015.

Support the Arts Page:

Banner Image:

Lin White, Instant Gratification, mixed media. MD Art @ College Park 2014.

In Page:

Tom Boddorff, Circle Gallery Photo.

David Diaz, Cumberland Valley, oil. Strokes of Genius 2012.

Nancy Evans, Odyssey, acrylic. Small Wonders 2015.

Membership Page:

Banner Image:

Tammy Walla, My turn, digital image. Focal Point 2015.

In Page:

Alvin James Miller, Twisting River, photo on canvas. MFA @ Gallery B 2014.

About MFA Page:

Banner Image:

John Coder, Winter Marsh Bay View III, digital photo archival print. Focal Point 2013.

In Page:

Murray Taylor, Radiant Roof of Light, oil on canvas. Stormy Weather 2015.

Robert Cantor, First Birthday, oil on panel. MD art @ College Park 2013.

Artists Page:

Richard Niewerth, Falls at Patapsco, oil on canvas. Collector’s Choice 2014.

Art Enthusiast Page:

Laara Cassells, Stephanie & a Women in a Flowered Shawl (after Salomon Counis), acrylic on dibond panel.

Nancy Marsha Abeles, Mad Man, acrylic. Strokes of Genius 2012.

Member List Page:

Lilianne Milgrom, Talking Heads, hand-sculpted porcelain. Small Wonders 2012.

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